Friday, November 22, 2013


Sometime in July we had our NASA meet. Eveyone in our community really had been looking forward to this (really we had planned it more than 3 months in advance ><) lol. Since I have so many pictures to share, I'll try to keep my commentary short ^^

Noelle and Amber
Theresa, Brook and Samantha
Classic Beauties <3
Jessamyn and Sarah
Isabelle and Norma
We had so many people in our group that we filled up our own train car, EVERY SINGLE SEAT!!!

Control Room O.O
And here are some group shots of us. Everyone looked awesome


And a bonus Jojo posing shot. lol

And here's my full coord shot. I really wish I had tried it on beforehand because there are things I would have changed (like peaking bloomers XD). Oh, well. Live and learn ><
Blouse: Bodyline
Dress: Hell Bunny
Socks: Sock Dreams
Markie is so awesome!
The lovely as usual couple: Aaron and Becky
And some more group shots <3


And Pengu with the gift I made her for her birthday. I'm so glad she liked it and is currently using it.

They're like twins *^*
And some other pictures I took before we left

We're so beautiful ;3; lol
It was nice to finally meet Amber. We had chatted on FB before and we carpooled together. She is so nice ^^
My husband joined us for this meet (which is why I have so many pictures with me actually in it - Thanks!) but we both had a great time. I hope we can go there again because there was so much to do and see. I mean it is SPACE!!!! lol

That's all for now folks...

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