Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pengu's Bday

Back in July one of our members put together a meet up for her birthday at one of my favorite places, Genji's; which is a Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar. I didn't get many pictures since we were jammed pack in our room. But I was lucky to get these group pictures; unfortunately some of the other guests left before them so many faces were missing :(

Trying to give just a hint of cuteness
Back (L to R): Markie, Isabelle, Becky, and Me
Front (L to R): Alys, Hina, Pengu and Lillian
Ok, not sure how much longer we can contain our cuteness
Cuteness can't be contained anymore.....
Ohhhhh LAWD!!!!!!!!
I decided to not put my whole coord shot because to be honest I wasn't quite happy with it and my hair was a mess. I attempted to tease it so I could add volume and offset my huge headbow but after 30 minutes I admitted defeat and just left as is >< When am I going to learn that practice makes perfect? Seriously, practice everything you want to eventually do. Whether it be a hairstyle, make up or even singing. lol

 And a bonus picture of the beautiful birthday girl.
 She's such a cutie and sweetheart <3

Well until next time.... Angel Brite

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