Friday, November 22, 2013

Pink Tea Island Launch

The Sunday after our NASA meet, a girl in our community (Markie) and her roommate/good friend (Minnie) celebrated the launch of their online Lolita shop by having a small party where we could view and try on all the dresses and stuff they had available and even take them home that day. Now onto some of the pictures I took (which was not enough because there was SOOO much).

This dress is so much prettier irl. There's even sparkles on it!
Beautiful dresses
Some accessories
And more beautiful dresses
Sorry for the blurry picture but his dress is so pretty
Some of the details and print *^*

This is the dress I ended up picking out. It's not very OTT but I still liked it :)
All of that print is embroidered
Debated about this one for a while too, but I wasn't sure about the ivory. Luckily one of our other members got it. I'm sure she'll look gorgeous in it
Business Cards <3
I tried on sooo many dresses but as usual I forgot to take pictures. But I really like this one. If it was the JSK I probably would have snatched it up. lol
And this was the actual coord I wore for the event. Simple but I like it
Cutsew: Bodyline
JSK: Handmade (bought off egl)
Shoes: Payless
And my bunny bag <3 I made this out of a plushy I bought for $1. I really love it
That's all the pictures I had unfortunately but here's a link to their FB and Storenvy.
All of their stock is with them so they can ship it to you direct without the long wait *(^-^)*

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