Friday, August 30, 2013

My very first ILD

As most Lolitas know, International Lolita Day is held twice a year. The first Saturday of June and the first Saturday of December
(so we can show off our spring and winter style). Since I started wearing the fashion in February, June 1st was my very first ILD ^^

When I first started talking to our community about doing something for the day, I was told that they usually forgot about it so they rarely did anything on that day. So I was a little disappointed and tried to bring up the issue as the time came near. Luckily one of our awesome members, the lovely and super sweet Becky took the initiative and put together a meet at our local museum. We had an impromptu meet there once before but it was very short since we only had 30 mins to look at everything; and this time we were also going to the butterfly exhibit <3

I tried to take pictures of our group as they started arriving but I'm sure I missed some of them >< Sorry!
(and another sorry in advance as a lot of my photos are blurry. I need a new camera :C)
I'm horrible with names so of course I forgot these lovely ladies' names but the one on the left came to support her friend (on the right) as this was her first meet :3
BFFs: Ivy and Vivian; These two are too cute <3 This was also their first "meet"
First timer Gabby and her boyfriend
The gorgeous Carol and Lillian
The ever so adorable sisters Hina and Alys
The cutest couple: Aaron and Becky (our lovely host). Seriously they are so cute ^^
After "everyone" got there we headed off to the butterfly exhibit
Look at all that walking poof
Obligatory group pictures before we headed in. Some people were missing
Being fascinated by the cockroaches they had
I didn't get a "coord" pic so hopefully this will do (look at all the pretty butterflies *^*)
JSK/Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse/Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bag: Loris
 Charro the Iguana
Picture of the pretty waterfall they have inside
They also have butterfly shadows projected on the wall. So cool
 Another Group Photo
Top (left to right): Hina, Alys, Becky, Christina, Gabby, ? ( I feel horrible), Carol, Aaron
Bottom (left to right) Lillian, Me, Celeste, Isabel
Not sure if you knew, but we straight gangsta up in here. lol
Our "bee" family. lol
Kinda blurry but I like this picture
Lillian and Me
And before we all parted ways we took a few more group pictures since we had more people come ^^
Although I have not been a Lolita for very long this meet/day was very special for me. We had so many new faces and the excitement they all exuded reminded me of all the feelings I had at my first meet. I can't speak for them but when you're surrounded by so much gorgeousness; and I'm not just talking about the dresses but the people, it's hard not to be sucked in to this soft fluffy world. Plus it helps that the people in our community are so awesome. I really love HLC so much. Everyone has been so nice and made me feel a part of something so beautiful ;3;
After an awesome filled day with lots of wonderful frillies I really wanted to end the day with more happiness;
so when I got home I busted out my favorite thing ever. My karaoke machine <3
Awwww, yeaaaahhhhhh!!!! Karaoke Time!!
How did you spend your first International Lolita Day? I'd love to hear about it ^^
Until next time... <3 Angel Brite

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